Wednesday, 16 April 2014

2014 Paint It Blue! for Autism Awareness: wk 3

Good morning lovelies! These are my belated blue nails for this week's Paint It Blue! The gorgeous blue holo you see in this mani was one of Lumina Lacquer's Valentine's Day polishes, called Clear Eyes, Full Hearts; the light colored scattered holo topper I used on the tips was Lilypad Lacquer Sweet Baby Jesus, it also contains tons of iridescent flakies and a beautiful color shifting shimmer!

And I finished the look by adding the little girl with a balloon water decal on my middle finger; the decal is from La Vita è Bella. I chopped off parts of the decal so it would fit my cuticle line, which made the balloon looked more like an umbrella, lol


Monday, 14 April 2014

Aussie Nails Monday Apr 14: Easter

Gradients, water marbles and rainbows! I put together all my favorite things for this mani, and it turned out to be one of my all time favorites, definitely in the top ten!! Playful colors with fun patterns give me the feeling of Easter.

I started with simple tilted gradients of two colors on each nail, and a total of five polishes; they're (from thumb to pinkie) OPI Pink Friday, Need Sunglasses? Who the Shrek are You? What's with the Cattitude? and A Grape Fit! I did a step by step pictorial at the end of the post for the gradients, I hope it will explain how these were done better : )

I applied a thin coat of Gloss 'n Sparkle Spectraflair Topcoat on them after the sponging, and added the water marbles, using Essie Blanc and Mademoiselle. I did a tutorial on the exact same water marble a while ago, you can check it out here if you're interested.

Silly me forgot to number the pics... they should be read from left to right and top to bottom. I think the pics are pretty straight forward, except in the frame that I have my finger over a bottle of glue; I was trying to show you how glue will make your life so much easier in cleaning after a sponging : P Basicly you paint the glue around your nails, be careful not to get it on the nails; let dry, do the sponging and pick the glue off your skin, ta-da! You just have to clean up your cuticles and put on your favorite topcoat after this, and a simple mani is done.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sherlock & John nail art

Good evening!! Exciting day for me today, I went to the Comic Con Benedict Cumberbatch event. My first time to be so close to a celebrity and my favorite actor (huge fan girl moment XXXD), I lost all my words during the photo taking... And of course I did Sherlock nails for the event : )

I started with Deborah Lippmann Human Nature as my base, and painted everything with acrylic paint. Again I did a progress pic in case you're interested how this was done, I hope you'll like these.

I was inspired by this super cute cartoon by malina0418 on

I realised the cartoon Sherlock looks a lot like my boyfriend, so I added the half frame glasses and made it look exactly like him, it's so cute! I will have my bf on my nails for a few days, maybe I should draw myself on there too, haha.

Good night! xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Lynnderella Athemyst Devotion with La Vita è Bella decals

Happy Friday lovelies!! I'm starting my weekend with sharing this glittery and sparkling mani with you : ) I picked this polish as I was going through my untried box(or mountain of polishes, I have poor organising skills...) because it's purple and sparkly, and I was in the mood of some fine glitter mix : P 

Amethyst devotion has small to fine sizes blue, magenta and purple glitters in various shapes in a clear shimmering base; I layered it two coats over Revlon Athymest, which is a perfect match for it.

I also picked out this very cute single heart decal to go with it, and did the below pictorial for some of the ladies who have never used water decals before, they are really handy for even beginners.

In the first frame are some examples of water decals, these are from La Vita è Bella.
Step 1: cut out the desire size of the image you want and soak it in water until it's totally wet.
Step 2: slide the image off the backing paper.
Step 3: place it on your nail.
Step 4: press a paper towel against the decal to remove the water and make it really stick on the nail.
Step 5: wait till it not moist and apply your favorite topcoat.

Have a nice weekend! xx

The water decals were provided to me by La Vita è Bella for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

2014 Paint It Blue! for Autism Awareness: wk 2

I did something pale but still colorful for this week's Paint It Blue nails, and also featuring one of the new Lumina Lacquer toppers, Farplane. It has different sizes of pastel pink, yellow, blue, black, white and cyan glitters in various shapes including crescent, stars, dots and triangles (a relatively new shape of glitter)! 

The blue which I layered Farplane over was Essie Rock the Boat, a light blue with a very subtle shimmer. On the white nails, I stamped the triangle pattern from Bundle Monster-423 over them with OPI Pink Friday, Lime Crime Crema de Limon and Essie Rock the Boat. The stamping came out a bit lighter than I was expecting, but still quite visible in person : P


Monday, 7 April 2014

The Game of Thrones nail art

Hi again!! This is my second post for the day, but I have to do this today.

Any Game of Thrones fans here? Obviously I'm their biggest fan!! Did two manis inspired by the show, and have been waiting for the season 4 premiere to show you, they're an ice and a fire. The ice one, I did almost a month ago whenI was swatching Glam Polish Out of this World, a Meimei's Signature exclusive shade, which is perfect as the base! You can see the swatches here if you're interested. And I did the other one on Saturday, I was out of practice for so long, it took me forever to finish this mani... Still not quite satisfied with Daenerys's face though, I just couldn't get her nose and lips right.

I did the Stark sigil, 'Winter's Coming' letter's and random snowflakes with acrylic paint; and the snowflake stampings with white polish using Bundle Monster 323.

I then mattified the mani with Essie Matte About You, love this frosty look better : )

The fire mani I did the Daenerys Targaryen with her dragons, and on my thumb is the Targaryen sigil. I chose a black background, and painted everything with acrylic paint, then dab on the Essie Shine of the Times on the empty spots as fire.

A progress college on how these were done, a brief one, lol. I just took a pic every time I added another layer of paint.

A closeup on the sigil, which I'm quite happy with : D

Again, mattified. With the matte effect, the annoying glare is gone and the details can be seen more clearly.

So excited about the new season!! xx

Aussie Nails Monday Apr 6th: Animal Print

Good morning! I wanted to do something more unexpected for this theme, but couldn't bear with the trouble painting a print freehand, so I went through my stamping plates and found this, fish scales! And luckily I also have these super adorable koi fish water decals to go with them, they were from La Vita è Bella; they have the cutest nail decals, remember the black cat and rainy day nails I did last year? (review blog post here

I used Deborah Lippmann My Old Flame as my base, can I just say this is the red for me?!! I remember reading a post about every girl should have a red nail polish, and I just found mine! It goes so well with my yellowy Asian skin tone, lol. The fish scale image was from Messy Mansion-MM21, and the polish I used for these was Essie Penny Talk, I also used it underneath the water decals.

A closeup of the koi fish XD It reminds me of rice cake, which is sometimes in koi shape.


The koi fish decals were provided to me by La Vita è Bella for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lumina Lacquer: Stellar Flare and Social Meteor

Good morning! Today I have two very cute glitter topper to share with you by Lumina Lacquer, Stellar Flare and Social Meteor. They are being restocked today along with some other gorgeous polishes, so grab them while you still can ; )

Social Meteor has various sizes and shapes of candy pink, pastel yellow and grey glitters in a clear base. I'm so in love with the color combo of this, I layered it one coat over Emily de Molly Head over Heels, a beautiful lilac holo with pink shimmer. Stay tuned, I'll post swatches of Head over Heels soon : )

Stellar Flare has again different sizes and shapes of red, deep and light yellow glitters in a shimmering base, I applied it one coat over Zoya Arizona. This is reminds me of summer : D

Have a wonderful day guys! xx

Stellar Flare was provided to me by Lumina Lacquer for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.