Friday, 31 July 2015

JORD Wood Watch Review and Nail Art

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a review of a JORD Wood Watch. Yes, A watch! I was as shocked as you when I was approached by JORD, the first time I'm reviewing something that's not nail related. But almost instantly I found a way to relate them ; ) We'll get to that in a minute, now let's see the unboxing.

The watch came in a box (see the photo below) made of the same wood as my watch, it was carefully wrapped in a bubble wrap and shipped in a carton box, so the watch was very well protected.

The watch I got was from their Sidney series in Maple and Rose Gold, click here for the direct link to it. The watch also came with a cushion and manual page. It was easy to adjust and use anyway, I adjust the time to my time zone and learnt how to use the stopwatch function within five minutes. The stopwatch function is Seiko Quartz Chronograph Stopwatch Movement (VD54), showing on the smaller watch in the middle.

I'm wearing size 14 cm, as measured on a tape. It's a bit tighter then how I would normally wear a watch, should probably had a 1/4 cm up. Other than that, it's perfect. I have a slim wrist, so it looks a bit sporty on me, which is exactly how I like my watches, lol. I'm actually wearing a sports watch on the other hand. I didn't wear it for any sports activity or to the shower though, it's only splash proof, so I consider it more as a fashion accessory. It's easy and nice to go with my casual outfits.

The photo below is the closest to the real color of my watch, the others was weither too dark or too bright because of the lighting.

I really liked the combo of wood and rose gold, so I created a mani inspired by the watch, and of course, with the crystals as well. I started with a pale beige base using the polish I made from scratch, just to match the color of the watch; then I stamped each nail with the wood pattern from BM-608 using two polishes, OPI Need Sunglasses? and You Don't Know Jacques! The metallic blocks were added after the stamping with the help a striping tape; the polish I used was Essie Penny Talk, a beautiful rose gold. To complete the look, I added the clear rhinestones from Bundle Monster.

Thinking about getting yourself one? Stay tuned! 

JORD is offering three store coupons for my readers, giveaway post will be up tomorrow along with all the details.

Wooden Watch Review


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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Born Pretty Store Lace Stamping Plate Review

Hi lovelies,

Another day, another stamping! Today I have a review of a stamping plate by Born Pretty Store for you, the plate basically has all the lace images you'll need in your whole life, I mean it. I've never seen so many at once, but a girl can never have too much lace, right?

I picked the fishnet pattern to go with the dark sexy base I've chosen, Pretty Serious The Crimson Pearl. Check out the swatches here, if you're interested. The image was easy to transfer and very clear to the finest details. The stamping polish I used was Konad Black, which I have been using for all the black stampings.

The number of the stamping plate is BP-L020, and it is in 12.5 x 6.5 cm, a rectangular shape as shown in the pic below. The image I used is at the top left corner.

The stamping plate is for sale from Born Pretty Store for $3.99 each. Please feel free to use my promotion code BAHQ10 for a 10% off.


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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bundle Monster XXL Mega Stamper Set Review

Hi lovelies,

Today I have the review of the XXL Mega Stamper Set by Bundle Monster for you. It's my first time doing a stamper review, so please comment if there is anything more you would like to know that I forgot to mention in the post. WARNING: super long post, lol.

The set is for sale for $9.49 / set from It comes with two scraper card, a large squishy stamper with an extra red replacement head (as shown in the pic below). The stampers are significantly larger than the one I have from Konad, it has a diameter of 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) comparing to 2.4 cm that the Konad one has. The Mega Stamper was designed to be large enough to stamp more than one nail at a time or in the case of extra long nails.

I've only had one other stamper before this, so I don't have much to compare with. The Mega Stamper is obviously a lot stickier than the Konad one, therefore it picks up dust easily, but nothing too difficult to handle. It is also much squishier, makes it so much easier for the curved nails; for me, stamping on the index and ring fingers used to be very challenging, the edges were difficult to be covered, the squishy Mega Stamper helps.

The Scraper Card worked just as well as a regular scraper,  except it can scrape a larger area, it can be quite convenient for larger images.

I've used the stamper set for my first ever reverse stamping, and it worked perfectly! I felt very lucky that I succeed on my first go, cause I've heard some people had trouble with this technique.

For those who are not familiar with the method, Reverse Stamping, is a technique that you use to fill in colors for the stamping image. Starting with transferring the image onto a stamper like regular stamping, then filling the blanks where a stamping polish has not covered, carefully, without smudging the image; let each color dry before adding another; add a clear coat of nail polish, let dry; and finally, you can peel the whole image off the stamper and place on the nail, trim the excess and protect it with a top coat.

It works best when the clear nail polish, that you apply on before peeling off the image, is not a fast dry top coat; otherwise it might shrink the image and make it too hard for application (below is how the stamping looked before applying a clear polish). I did the reverse stamping on two of my nails, using two different clear nail polish for each, Glam Polish Magic Shine Topcoat and Pretty Serious Force Field. Force Field was designed as a stain barrier base coat; although it doesn't say fast dry on the Magic Shine Topcoat, I found Force Field worked better; the stamping was a lot more stretchy, and a little bit on the sticky side, hence easier to apply to a nail.

When you apply the image on your nail, you flip it, so the outlines from the plate is showing. I used Pretty Serious Elliot as my base for this mani, Konad Black as the stamping polish and OPI Pink Friday, Need Sunglasses? and Revlon Sublime Strawberries to fill in the image. The plate I used was BM-S104 from the Shangri-La collection by Bundle Monster, a review on the collection is coming soon.


The products were  provided to me by Bundle Monster for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pretty Serious Elliot and the NEW Daphne Shades

Hi lovelies,

Today I'm sharing the swatches of the two new Daphne polishes from Pretty Serious with you along with Elliot, the most gorgeous blue ever! Also by Pretty Serious ; )

First, let's have a look at the new shades. Daphne's Disco Party is a matte neon glitter bomb in a slightly tinted pink base, it has yellow, pink, orange and bright coral hexes and some pink iridescent glass flecks. A party in the bottle indeed. I layered it one coat over Ichi Hanami, also by Pretty Serious, you can check out the swatches of it here. I'm not sure if this one can or was designed to be worn on its own though, the glitter seems less dense than I expected. I think I'll just enjoy it as a glitter top then.

Daphne's Garden Party is another glitter bomb, with a mix of apricot, lavender, silver, gold, turquoise and violet glitters in different sizes. Smooth and easy to get an even distribution of glitters, I layered it one coat over Essie Absolutely Shore.

Sorry for the crappy lighting, the swatches were done in the evening, so I only had very dim living lights.

I think Garden Party is a tad denser than Disco Party, so I applied two more coats here just to see if it can cover the base, and it did!

Elliot is a lovely sky blue creme loaded with multi-coloured micro flecks. Shown is two thin coats with one coat of Pretty Serious Force Field as top, I've only just found out Force Field is actually a base coat... No wonder it's not as fast drying as other topcoats, it's perfect for reverse stamping though, more details will be in my next post about my first ever reverse stamping : P I don't know how to describe more about Elliot, it just got me, and brings me happiness, lol.

The polishes are available now from Pretty Serious, for $9.95 a 11 ml bottle.


These polishes were provided to me by Pretty Serious for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Pretty Serious The Museum of Naileontology NEW SHADES

Hi lovelies,

I was lucky enough to be asked to swatch the new shades from the Museum of Naileontology Collection be Pretty Serious, the last three shades they released were so amazing!! They're of course still some of the best polishes of my stash.

They released three more shades this time, the polishes pretty much have the similar consistency and easy to apply.

First we have Blood of Knossos, a moss green with a gold shimmer. This might be the most beautiful green I've seen for a very long time. So in love! Only two thin coats was needed to achieve the look.

The Crimson Pearl is a dark crimson with a bright blue/purple shimmer. This was more jelly like then I expected, three coats was applied for this one.

Ichi Hanami is a dark pink with silver micro flecks. The silver flecks shine through the dark pink jelly, and appear as a lighter shade of pink on the nails, creating an interesting look! It's almost a one-coater, though I used two coats.

The Naileontology collection is now available from Pretty Serious. I'll have the swatches of their two new Daphne polishes next, stay tuned.


These polishes were provided to me by Pretty Serious for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Thailand Themed Mani featuring BM Around the World XL Plate

Hi lovelies,

Anyone spending their Saturday home like me? It's too cold to go out ; ( The good thing is I've got so many things done today! Swatched some polishes, edited the photos and now typing up next week's posts. 

These were the mani I wore in Thailand last week, black and gold, the traditional art color combo. The stamping image are from BM-XL154: Paisley Delhite, the BM Around the World Thailand themed plate. I did different designs for each hand with the same polishes, Hello Kitty Golden Girl as base and Konad Black as the stamping polish.

That's the Grand Palace on my thumb XD

The stamping plate is available from Bundle Monster for US$4.99 each or US$19.99 the whole "Around the World" set of five plates. For the full review of the plates please see my previous post.


The stamping plate was provided to me by Bundle Monster  for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bundle Monster Around the World XL Plates Review

Hi lovelies,

Today I have two stamping mani to share with you using one of the BM XL plates from their Around the World series. I used the Japan plate, BM-XL155. This has to be my favorite of the five, cause I picked these two patterns right away when I first saw the plates! I've also used the Thailand themed plate for my Thailand Trip Mani as well, will post them too shortly.

I stamped the "connecting stars" pattern over Moo Moo's Signatures Moo Spell. The stamping shade was a mix of Konad White and Revlon Sublime Strawberry, so it's a very pale pink, instead of a plain white. It worked perfectly with the blue shimmery purple!

I'm in love with most of the patterns in this series, and of course this one is my fav. The images are easy to pick up, just like other BM plates. I don't recall I have any problems with their plates since I got the right polishes for stamping. 

The second stamping is a wavy pattern over Moo Moo's Signatures Monster in the Woods. You got me, I did these while I was swatching the Moo Moo polishes : P This stamping shade was a mix of Konad White and OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

This didn't came out quite as I was expected, cause the fine waves covered almost all of the base; but this should give you a good idea of how well the image transfer from the plate, I got four perfectly stamped nails!! Stamping my thumb has always been a challenge, it's huge and curvy, lol.

The Around the World XL plates are only available from Bundle Monster, for US$19.99 each set or $4.99 per plate. Stay tuned for more stamping plate reviews ; )


The stamping plate was provided to me by Bundle Monster  for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.