Friday, 9 September 2016

Tom Ford Bitter Bitch

Hi lovelies,

I've put this post back for so long. I bought this polish because of its name at first, and had no idea it would be such a lovely shade on nails! This is Tom Ford Bitter Bitch, a rich dark chocolate shade, it matches perfectly with my favourite chocolate.

This is my take on a darkened floral, I haven't done a floral for quite a long time now, so excuse the poorly drawn roses. I used black, white, green and red acrylic paint for them.

I liked the mattified version so much better.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Pika Pika

Hi lovelies,

After my last Pokemon nails I've decided to do a Pikachu nail art, it's not too hard to do and it's super adorable!! 

Same as what I did last time, I started with a Face of Australia Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, a pastel yellow creme; then added a coat of OPI Need Sunglasses? to increase the intensity of yellow. Let the whole thing dry completely, and painted on the faces and back of Pikachu using acrylic paint. I only painted the parts of my index and ring, so that I can do the ears as well. It showed a lot better of the playfulness of Pikachu.

I was going to do all the nails on my right hand too, but it was way harder than I thought......

Pikachu nails with Charmander and Bulbasaur burgers at Down 'n Out, too bad we didn't get the Pikachu burger, as they were chose randomly.


Saturday, 3 September 2016

Eyes - Bundle Monster Musik City

Hi lovelies,

This mani was created with Bundle Monster's Musik City EDM festival themed plate and water decals. I used butter London nail foundation as my base and added the stamping using the reverse stamping technique, same applied for the water decals. The plate I used was BM-S319 and the decals are from their decal set.

The blue parts of the eyes were OPI Where's My Czechbook? I've also mattified the look here using essie Matte About You.


The products were  provided to me by Bundle Monster for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Grace-full Nail Polish Once Upon A Dream Collection

Hi lovelies,

Once Upon a Dream Collection is a series of 7 whimsical soft pastel holos with subtle contrasting shimmers. Each polish is inspired by a mystical creature, and the bottle comes with a sticker that it was inspired by. I have arranged the colours in an order of the rainbow spectrum, and now let's see the swatches ; )

Unicorn Rides is a coral linear holo with a strong pink shift. The formulas of holos were nice, only two coats of application was needed for the swatches.

Fairy Kisses is a soft pink linear holo with a slight silver shift, full of shimmer.

Touched a Scale is a neutral bone linear holo with a gold shift and pink sheen. Because of the base colour, this one more frosted and metallic than the others, and I quite liked the effect.

Dragon Snuggles is a soft violet linear holo with a blue shift. This has to be the most vibrant from the collection, very cheerful.

Playful Pony is a soft periwinkle linear holo with subtle blue and pink shimmers.

Tickled by Wings is a mid blue pastel linear holo with a pink shift. The holo effect is slightly weaker than the rest, but the pairing of pink shimmer and blue pastel base was lovely.

Swan with a Narwal is a soft green holo with a slight shift to blue int the shimmer. The holo effect of this is the strongest among the collection, and the base is a bit sheerer, I used two thicker coats for this polish.

The release of the collection will be September 2nd at 7pm CST from Grace-full Nail Polish's international siteand September 3rd at 10am AEST from their Australian store


The products were  provided to me by Grace-full Nail Polish for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Powder Perfect Hella Holo Customs Exclusives

Hi lovelies,

The three polishes I'm sharing with you are designed exclusively for Hella Holo Customs members,  join the group via their facebook. The preorder is now open until the 1st of September from Powder Perfect.

The first polish I have for you is Seaborna glowing seafoam green holographic polish filled with a myriad of iridescent glitters, alongside silver holographic microglitter. Two easy coat to full coverage.

Next is Bruised Rose, a holographic lacquer with a blackberry glitter base and flickering fuchsia to blue flakies. Again two thin coats with a thin clear topcoat for this swatch.

Last but not least, we have Rainbow Dragon, which is a stunning aqua holographic gem-like polish with blue, green and purple ultra chrome flakies. The base was on the sheer side, however the opacity was easily built up with two thicker coats or three thin coats.

This was a exciting polish, and I wouldn't want you to miss out the beautiful color-shifting flakies, so I included a underwater photo for this. This is more like what it look like in real life.

And a Rainbow Dragon inspired nail art, I used the black stamping polish from Powder Polish, which will be released in September, so this is sort of a sneak peek of my next post ; )


The products were  provided to me by Powder Perfect for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Glacier Inspired Water Marbles

Hi lovelies,

I'm so excited about going on the glacier tomorrow!!! These were done before I went on this trip though, I scheduled them to be posted just around the same time, to share my excitement with you.

I started with a white base then added a thin layer of Ozotic 617, to add a light blue to the nails along with some sparkles. And sorry, I can't remember which polishes I used for the water marble...

Now off to bed, gotta get up early tomorrow ; )