Wednesday, 30 September 2015

MoYou: Cute Robot Stampings with Hipster Tattoos

Hi lovelies,

Today I have the swatches and review of another MoYou stamping plate and tattoo for you. The plate I'm swatching here is Sci Fi 02, I've used this plate twice already on my friends, and received quite a lot compliments. The three times I'm using this plate I used almost the exact color combo, dark sparkly base color with white stampings, I'm obsessed with it and can't think of any other options, lol.

The base color I'm using here is Glam Polish Selfless, Brave & True, a multichrome holo, shifts from aqua, purple, pink and gold; and on the accents I had Deborah Lippmann Fantastic Voyage, a holographic glitter bomb in a sheer blue base. I used a sponge to apply this, so I got enough glitter to cover the nail, and would't end up with super thick nails.

I'm in love with the base already, so much depth and color.

Stampings added using MoYou White Knight. Cuteness overload XD

I kept the tattoos simple cause it already had so much going on the nails. They are from the Hipster Temporary Tattoos Colour 01 by MoYou; the tattoo came with a sheet of cute colorful images, including the union jack, deer antlers and different designs of arrows. The ones I used here are in silver and black.

And this was my right hand, matching designs with my left. Look at those tiny hearts, so adorable!!

You can find the direct link for the products here, for the Sci Fi 02 plate and Hipster Tattoos.
Thank you so much for reading!


The products were  provided to me by MoYou for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Monday, 21 September 2015

MoYou Stamping Plate, Polish and Tattoo Review

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a review on some MoYou products for you. My first time using MoYou, and trying three different types all at the same time, this should be exciting ; )

I'll start with the stamping polishes. I used a black base for this mani to go with the tattoos later and also to test the performance of the polishes. The minty shade was Winter Green and the red was Classic Red, both worked amazing with the plates, and as you can see really nice opacity and colors.

The plate I used was Fairytale 09.  It was a college of tiny pieces of patterns throughout the plate rather than the regular pattern blocks, this would be perfect for partial stampings like the ones I did here.

Now the excited part of the post XD Temporary tattoos!! I've tried some before, but never on the fingers as part of my nail post necessary. The tattoos came in as a sheet with small coin sized images (on my thumb) and thin string patterns (on my middle and ring finger) as well. The string ones are almost like disposable rings. The ones I used was the Black Explorer Hand Tattoos.

So in love with these new toys, I'm gonna try more tonight!

I was lucky enough to received the mini MoYou Stamper and Scraper as a gift from a friend, such an adorable set! I've used them in a few manis now, the stamper was squishy and sticky, picked up image quite well. The set is really handy when you're on a trip.


The products were  provided to me by MoYou for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Color Run

Hi lovelies,

I'm back from holiday! As expected, I've put off this post for the whole holiday... These was done last month for the color run. I had such a great time joining the run for the first time, even though it was more like a "color and selfie walk", lol.

I started with a white base and added the splatter using both nail polish and acrylic paint. The colors I picked was close to the ones on the color run headband, they were Tom Ford Indian Pink, China Glaze Skinny Dip and a yellow acrylic paint, cause I don't own any good opaque yellow.

And below is what I usually do when doing stamping, water marble or splatter nail art, it makes the cleanup process so much easier.

Simple splatters on my right hand, and with color run logo writings on the left.

Below are just some of the photos taken on the day ; ) met so many new friends that day too, such a colorful day!


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Grace-full: Happily Ever After Nail Art

Hi lovelies,

Today's post I have three nail arts inspired by the Happily Ever After Collection that I showed you the other day by Grace-full Nail Polish. It was a collection of seven beautifully formulated holographic polishes in rainbow colors. Check out the swatches here, if you haven't already ; P

For the first mani, I used Crowning Glory as the base; and stamped BM-604 over it using Konad Black. On the accents I added two other shades using reverse stamping technique, the blue was Knight Silver Lake and the green was Charming Frog.

Next I have a mani using the more girly shades from the collection, this is also inspired by Princess Rose, the lovely pink holo. I did a skittlette, painted all the nails with Princess Rose, Coral Castle and Violetta the Dragon in  a random order; and again used the reverse stamping technique for the roses using the three shades. The stamping plate used here was BM-618.

I used six shades for the first two manis, three in each; and for the last one, I wanted to do a nail art for its own, because UNICORNS! But failed miserably... The stamping doesn't photograph well, the lighting was one of the reasons, but also metallics are quite hard to photograph. The base was Amethyst the Unicorn and the the stampings was done using Essie No Place Like Chrome and NC 02. Wish I could've done this better, such a gorgeous polish.

The collection is now available from Grace-full Nail Polish bigcartel store.


The products were  provided to me by Grace-full Nail Polish for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish Happily Ever After Collection

Hi lovelies,

As you can see I have a stunning collection to share with you today. This is the Happily Ever After Collection by Grace-full Nail Polish, it has seven holographic polishes, which all consist with other subtle but pretty pigments, including shimmer and micro flakes. For the swatches, I used two coats for each shade with a thin coat of topcoat; they're all very well formulated, just opaque enough for the holo to shine though, and very easy to apply.

Coral Castle is a coral linear holo.

Princess Rose is a soft pink between baby pink and candy pink linear holo with micro iridescent flakes.

Violetta the Dragon is a mid violet linear holo with a pale pink shimmer and the most prettiest micro flakes.

Amethyst the Unicorn is a mid purple linear holo.

Knight Silver Lake is a mid blue with blue flakies in a linear holo, with sparkly micro flakes.

Charming Frog is a mid pastel green linear holo with a strong green shimmer.

Crowning Glory is a holo base tinted gold with fine superholograpic micro glitter and crystal rainbow pastel flakies. Very sparkly in real life.

The collection will be released on September 1st at 7pm in Grace-full Nail Polish bigcartel store. Please keep on eye on their Instagram for more updated details ; )


The products were  provided to me by Grace-full Nail Polish for my honest review, for more info please read my disclosure policy.