Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A England: Princess Sabra and Princess Tears

Two more gorgeous from A England for you, Princess Tears and Princess Sabra. Princess Tears is a silvery lilac holo, it's also bit duochrome you can see it better in the shaded pic. I used two coats for these, amazing formula.

You can see the pink flash on the bottle here, I don't know why my camera can't capture it on the nails...

The slight duochrome side of Princess Tears, in shaded conditions you can see the colors changing from purple to green.

Princess Sabra is a olive/gold holo, it's again a smooth two-coater! The holo is strong and linear, not CG Hologlam linear though; the color is really special, and that's one of the reasons why I bought it : P To sum it up, I'm in love with this polish!!!


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  1. Aengland is truly the best, her colors are always different and amazing!