Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Ring Collection + Tutorial for Water Marble Rings

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing something different with you, my ring collection! Mostly nail polish rings : ) and obviously they were made with some of my favorite polishes. I got the ring settings and cabochon in a set of 10 pieces(5 rings and 5 cabochons) from Ringearring Pendant for $4 last year, I'm not sure if they're still selling them though.

First we have the 25mm heart shaped rings, these are really good for showing off large glitters. You can also click on some of the polish names to see their swatches ; )

L-R: OPI Dating A Royal + Lumina Lacquer Mickey's Moonlit Masquerade
Birthday!!!(my own indie), 
pastel gradient + Peita's Polish Observatory
Face of Australia Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too + Glam Polish Lost in Lavenders.

Next I'm showing you the 20mm round ones, which are perfect for water marbles, simple nail art and smaller glitters.

L-R: holo gradient + black arrow shape water marbles (tutorial at the end of this post)
color blocks + water marbles
OPI No Room for the Blues + Glam Polish Ocean Potion
black + Ozotic 528

And the smallest I have are in 16mm diameter, they're just so adorable! I tried them with different sizes of glitters.

L-R: OPI Dating A Royal + Emily de Molly Shattered Sapphire
Emily de Molly Head over Heels
Lime Crime Milky Ways + Glam Polish Juggling Jupiter
Foxy Paws Polish One More Night
Pinky Easter(my own indie)

Next are the knuckle rings I got from Eerie Aesthetic, they're worn in some of the polish swatches: omg ♥, bow, plain ring.

Close up on the duochrome rings.

Tutorial for the Water Marble Rings

You'll need some blank ring settings, nail polish, a shot glass, a glue gun, some foil, a skewer, and Blu-Tack reusable adhesive. *I put the polishes I used in the brackets here.

1. stick the skewer on the curvy side of the cabochon using Blu-Tack
2. create the water mable patterns using black and clear polishes (Ozotic 509, Sally Hansen Black Out), please click here for the tutorial of this water marble pattern.
3. dip the flat side of the cabochon into water, and then set it aside to dry, and apply a coat of topcoat.
4. put three strips of nail polish(Emily de Molly High Distinction, Ground Control and Amazonia) on the foil as shown in the picture, and dip the sponge into the polish.
5. dab the sponge on the cabochon, repeat this step till you reach full opacity.
6. clean the side the cabochon with some polish remover.
7. put a drop of hot glue on the cabochon and quickly press the ring setting onto the cabochon.
8. Ta-Da!

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