Monday, 21 July 2014

1888 Hotel Pyrmont, Sydney

Hi lovelies,

If you're following me on instagram you might know that I've been having so much fun lately, with the holiday and a totally relaxed night out at 1888 Hotel last night XD I have to thank all my sweet followers for last night! It was a promotional thing the hotel is doing with IG, you get a free stay if you have 10K or more followers on IG, more details are on 1888 Hotel website; and of course, in return I'm posting some fun photos I took during my stay : P

First, we have my "1888 Hotel" nail art. The base color was Face of Australia Once in a Blue Moon, and the letters and numbers were done with acrylic paint.

The room we stayed in, a king room. On the third floor, it was already the second highest floor of the hotel, very boutique indeed, and I loved every little things in the hotel.

This was very sweet : D

Day view

And night, we really enjoyed the artwork, especially the one on the right : P

We ended the stay with the most perfect way possible, breakfast in bed! And that's the ipad from the room next to the tray.

And just a few more pics of the nails.

Finished with my most comfortable hand post... xx

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